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C6251/C6251V/C6256/C6256V Horizontal Lathe Machine

  • Precision Gap-Bed Lathe Machine (conventional lathe C6266 C6280)
  • C6251/C6251V/C6256/C6256V  Horizontal Lathe Machine
  • High Precision Metal Engine Lathe Machine (CA6140 CA6150 CA6150B CA6150C CA6166 CA6166B CA6166C)

Product Abstract:

The guide way and all gears in the headstock are hardened and precision ground. The spindle system is high rigidity and accuracy. The machines have powerful headstock gear train, high rotating accuracy and smooth running with Iow noise. An overload safety device is provided on the apron. Pedal or electromagnetic braking device. Tolerance test certificate, test flow chart included Spindle bore 105mm is optional

Product Description

Performence Features:
The guide way and all gears in the headstock are hardened and precision ground.
The spindle system is high rigidity and accuracy.
The machines have powerful headstock gear train, high rotating accuracy and smooth running with Iow noise.
An overload safety device is provided on the apron.
Pedal or electromagnetic braking device.
Tolerance test certificate, test flow chart included
Spindle bore 105mm is optional

Technical parameter:

Swing over red 510mm 560mm
Swing in gap 300mm 350mm
Swing of gap 738mm 788mm
Length of gap 200mm
Distance between centers 1000/1500/2000/3000mm
Width of bed 350mm
Spindle nose D1-8
Spindle bore 80mm
Taper of spindle bore No.7Morse
Range of spindle speed 12changes 25-1600r/min of compound rest 130mm of cross slide 326mm
Leadscrew pitch 6mmOr4T.P.L
Max.section of tool 25×25mm
Longitudinal feeds range 35kinds0.059-1.646mm/rev
Cross feeds range 35kinds0.020-0.573mm
Metric threads range 47kinds0.2-14mm
Inch threads range 60kinds2-112T.P.L
Diametrical pitches range 50kinds4-112D.P.
Module pitches range 39kinds0.1-7M.P.
Dia of tailstock sieeve 75mm
Travel of tailstock sleeve 180mm
Morse taper of tailstock sleeve No.5Morse
Cross adjustment 13mm
Power of main motor 7.5kw(10HP)3PH
Power of coolant pump 0.1kw(1/8HP),3PH
Overall dimension(L×W×H)cm 239/284/334/434×112×143
Packing size(L×W×H)cm 245/290/340/440×113×182

Standard accessories :
Three Jaw Chuck and Adapter
Four Jaw Chuck and Adapter
Face Plates
Steady Rest
Follow Rest  
Oil Gun
Thread Chasing Dial
Operation Manual
One set of Wrenches
Reduction Sleeve
Dead centers
Work lamp
Coolant system
Foot brake
Operate tools
Optional accessories :
Taper turning attachment
Lead Screw Cover
Tool post cover
Chuck cover
Quick change tool post
Live center

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